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Election Distraction

With this last minute series of two films you get to choose both of ’em!

We really wanted to share these two very enjoyable films with you. Both will play on Nov. 4th and Nov. 5th so you can forget about other things for a while. Both titles will show at the Cowboy Carousel Center at 59 N. Lobban in Buffalo, WY.

Read more about the films (and buy tickets, if you’d like) by clicking on these links:

Little Men
Nov. 4th at 4pm
Nov. 5th at 7pm
Everything in the Song is True
Nov. 4th at 7pm
Nov. 5th at 4pm


Click to download hi-res pdf version

If you see folks from The Wages Group, please extend your thanks for their kind and generous support this fall!

Iraq Veterans Memorial

Brave New Films is on the edge of something. I’m not a fan of all they produce, some of it is too rushed. And I have other complaints. Some of their stuff is certainly well worth watching. But they are not a movie studio. Nor are they some joker with a webcam and YouTube account. They are somewhere between the two. (Check out Brave New Theaters for even more interesting changes they’re trying to make in the movie world.) Much of what they’ve made in the past year has been as close to democratic movie making as possible. They blur the line between audience and source. Just as YouTube and the web in general has, Brave New Films has blurred the line between content provider and content consumer.

One of their new projects is the Iraq Veterans Memorial.

In the spirit evident in other Brave New Films this is a “moving memorial”, open to input, even video footage, or especially video footage, and other contributions from the general public. Visit their website to learn more.