2018 Oscar Nominated Shorts Programs

Tickets Available at the Door

This year Bennett Street Films is revisiting our collaboration with the Cowboy Carousel Center (CCC).

Our presentation of the 2018 Oscar Nominated Shorts will take place on Friday, February 16th, 2018 and Saturday February 17th, 2018. The films will show in the micro-theater inside the CCC. Live Action will run Friday evening at 7PM and Saturday afternoon at 4PM. The Animated set will run Friday at 4PM in the afternoon and Saturday at 2PM in the afternoon.

Online Ticket Reservation

Tickets can be purchased at the door. Online reservations are currently closed.


Though the Oscar Shorts are unrated, some of you have asked for basic ratings guidelines for the programs:

Animated – PG (mostly). Most of the shorts would be G rated, but the very end of GARDEN PARTY has some disturbing imagery of a human corpse that could be upsetting to younger viewers. Kids eight and over should be fine.

Live Action – R. Violence, complex content and some language. Also, please remember, some audience members can find it uncomfortable to watch mature content while sitting next to children.