2015 Oscar Nominated Shorts

Tickets On Sale!


This year Bennett Street Films is trying out a little collaboration with the Cowboy Carousel Center and several other important sponsors.

Our co-presentation of the 2015 Oscar Nominated Shorts will take place on Saturday, February 21st, 2015. The films will show in the micro-theater the CCC has worked hard to build.

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Animated Program – 4PM, Doors open at 3:30PM

Live Action Program – 7PM, Doors open at 6:00PM

Both Programs Bundled for One Purchase


Though the Oscar Shorts are unrated, some of you have asked for basic ratings guidelines for the programs:

Animated – PG. One of the shorts, THE BIGGER PICTURE, deals with the death of a parent. There’s nothing particularly upsetting about it, but it’s not going to appeal to the youngest viewers. FOOTPRINTS, one of the extra shorts, is a bit dark as well. Kids over eight should not have a problem with anything here (they just might not like a couple of the films).

Live Action – PG-13. Unlike previous years, no violence or tragedy in this year’s crop. Some cursing, but should be acceptable for any kids over 11 or 12. It’s one of the stronger Live Action programs we’ve had in a long time.

2015 Ballot – In case you’d like to vote and see how you do compared to the Academy judges!


Last but not at all least, please acknowledge and remember to thank these sponsors who’s generosity has made this possible: