Morford: Do Bad Movies Eat Your Soul?

I took it as a challenge when Mark Morford wrote the following:

So then. Here is this point of pride. Here is this semi-elitist notion and I say this without fear of sounding overly pompous or egotistical because, believe you me, I have surely enjoyed plenty of other time-wasting activities about which I can be cheerfully mortified.

But at least I have this: I now can honestly say I have not seen a single one of the films listed in “Worst of the Worst: The 100 Worst-Reviewed Movies of All Time.” Is this not a good thing? Is this not something worthy of moderate celebration? Because it certainly feels like it.

He’s writing, of course, about the WOTW over at rotten tomatoes. I, unfortunately, have seen several of these pictures. But hey, I work at a movie theater. I had to! At least that’s my excuse!

Many of these movies did quite well at the box office. I don’t just mean the box office in Buffalo. I mean nationally. But in Buffalo too. Why is it that critics and audience so rarely agree?

Another thought: I need to set up a better database so I can have quick access to our ticket sales. It would be fun to look at the titles from this WOTW that we showed and see how they did compared to our best and to our worst. Fun. Okay. I gotta get another hobby…